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faces's Journal

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Written by wild_mind, creator and former maintainer:

This is a visual journal created for the exposure and celebration of faces and expressions. I love faces. Eyes, noses, lips, ears, grins, pouts, everything.

I think facial expression is something we all tend to miss out on in a forum like LiveJournal - so here's your chance to indulge in a little self expression. A little vanity if you wish. Be goofy. Be serious. Be irreverent. Be creative. Be you.

You're also welcome to post pictures of other faces too.. your kids, your lovers.. or maybe even someone's you simply find striking, interesting, or captivating in some way.

Just give us some face! :)

DISCLAIMER: If you're going to be an active member of this community, respect the rules. The rules are:

1) No photos larger than 600x450 if posting without/before an LJ-cut
2) If you're going to post multiple pictures in one post, post the first one and then be courteous and use LJ-cut for the rest. But don't post just an LJ-cut and no picture, people want to see faces on their friends page, not a collection of links
3) Don't make the community annoying and inconvenient for others by posting a multitude of entries and cluttering up everyone's lists. Limit your daily posts to three, please.
4) Please don't spam the community with text only posts advertising other communities/websites.
5) Please don't disallow comments to your posts. This is a community...
6) NO FLAMING. In text, pictures or otherwise. You'll be banned.

Don't like the rules? Don't participate. I'm tired of receiving complaint after complaint no matter HOW many times I post these requests for courtesy. I'm not a babysitter.

Break them? Get banned. Very simple.

Any off topic entry will often be quite simply deleted :)

Community maintainer perpetualmotion